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Born an outcast. Destined to rule.


The elven kingdom of Myleiu is divided between those who are blessed to live in the eternal light and those who flourish in the perpetual shadow. In order to quell their constant petty squabbles and bickering over power, the High Spirit, for centuries, has alternated the title of Elite between the two kingdoms.

Not this time.

Born of a forbidden romance between a light elf mother and dark elf father, Paeris Shadowlight has been outcast since birth. Raised in isolation, he feels nothing but contempt and hatred for his fellow elves and their religions that shun him. But when a strange mark appears on his back, branding him the next Elite, Paeris is dragged, unwillingly, back into the world that rejected him.

Light and dark. They both believe him unworthy, yet they both want him to pick a side. They will push him to his limits to prove his worth, and if he survives, the biggest obstacle of all awaits. Paeris will have to choose. Keep the old traditions that made him an outcast and pick a side. Or dismiss their antiquated ways and force the elves to unite, as one nation, for the first time in centuries.

A Note from Paeris

Dear Reader,


My name is Paeris Shadowlight. Don’t worry if you don’t know who I am. No one does. Well, at least they didn’t used to.

That is until the High Spirit, in its omniscient wisdom, decided to pick a half-breed outcast as the new Elite. In one day, I went from being the most avoided and hated elf in all Myleiu, to having the High Priests of both the Soel and Lunea tribes standing in my valley, trying to convince me to return to their temples with them.

But I want nothing to do with them, their religions, or their traditional ways that forced me into isolation. I want to stay in my valley and be left alone. Unfortunately, it seems that is no longer an option. The only way for an Elite to pass on the title of Elite is to die. And as miserable and lonely as my life is, I’m not ready to surrender it just yet.

So, I must fight.

I will submit to their trials and prove my worth to my fellow elves. And once I have secured my place as Elite, they had better be prepared. Myleiu’s door has been closed to change for long enough, and I’m coming like a battering ram to knock it open.

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