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She may make it through the journey, but can she survive the battle?

Onyx Jones learned long ago that attention can leave a trail of blood. To avoid it, she leads an unimpressive life, one that lets her blend into the background. But her simple life turns upside down when a trio of goons show up at her door spinning crazy tales.

They say she’s the heir to a throne in the Orc Kingdom of Oracaii, chosen by the High Spirit, and destined to by the next Elite for their kind. In order to help her people, she’ll have to fight for a throne she knew nothing about.

She must travel to Penumbra. And in less than three days, she’ll need to learn about Orcs, the trials of the Black Throne, and how to defend herself. With a questionable cat shifter as her companion, and the only link to her father, she’s not sure she can survive the journey, much less stay alive in battle.

A Note from Onyx Jones

Life. It can get so real at times all you want to do is close your eyes and make it go away. But then life is also stubborn. It won’t take no for an answer and now, I, Onyx Jones, am being forced to walk a path I don’t believe was meant for me.

I feel like I’m going crazy. Speaking of crazy, it seems to be coming out of everywhere. Three weirdos invade the only place I consider home spinning crazy stories. I’m an heiress, a queen in a place I’ve never known. There's also this lovely nugget: I’m not fully human but half orc. My orcness explains my strength and love for a fight, but it doesn’t explain my dreams, or the man in them. 

There’s so much I don't know. So much information to process. I have to deal with it as I travel. Less than ten days to train for a battle that could cost me my life. Even less time than that to learn about the other side of me, the orc half. Worst of all, I’m afraid I may not survive the journey to the orc capital of Oracaii. I barely survived the first attempt on my life. I know there will be more.

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