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The Ancients foretold of the one with the white flame. She would change the world.


Hidden since birth from her own people, Elsfaer was born with a distinct marking that covered her entire body. Before she could walk, she was seen as a threat to their existence. But there were those who believed that she should be protected at all costs.


With the call for a new Elite, the High Spirit chose Elsfaer as the next to lead the Phoenix people. The very people she’d been told to fear all her life. But unlike the rest of her people who burned either a blue or red flame, Elsfaer’s fire was the hottest of whites.


Her white flame was a sign of change, of a new order for her people. Unfortunately, Phoenixes weren’t exactly open to change, but Elsfaer knows something they don’t. The balance of the Phoenix has been thrown off and if she doesn’t fix it, their flames will burn out for the last time.

A Note from Elsfaer:

Hello. My name is Elsfaer. 

Though not many know my name, I am the strongest of my people. Unfortunately for me, they see my existence as a threat to the superficial lives they have become accustomed to. As if it is  my fault that their disconnection from the ways of old has created a potentially catastrophic imbalance to the order of things. 

It was my every intention to remain unknown. Why should I be concerned with being the salvation for a population of fire birds who would rather see my flame burn out. 

This decision has been taken away from me. 

The High Spirit, the ambivalent being that chooses who leads each of the supernatural species, has chosen me. The outcast phoenix to sit on the throne. 

I am not expecting this to be an easy task. If I'm honest I expect to burn out at a few times. But  true to my people, I will rise from the flame and I will fix what they have broken. 

As if I have any other choice!