Writing Penumbra 1: Crafting Dalquiel

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I sit at the computer in the wee hours of the morning.

Written countless words and still waiting for a flame-eyed angel to show up. Yep, I’m waiting for Dalquiel (oh, sorry, she likes to be called Dix) to join me at this computer and own this story. Still wondering if I can even turn her into the Elite that she’s meant to be. I mean, her predecessor was just about 8 feet of celestial greatness. That was Anael… he was all that he was supposed to be, the lineage, the looks, the commanding presence, you got it.

But Dalquiel….no matter what I’m doing, no matter what I write, she’s standing in the corner of my mind, arms crossed, with an expression on her face. Just being no help at all.

Sigh….I get it. She doesn’t want to be Elite. And yep, I heard her the first time… “she believes in the old ways of their people,” or some such like that. Well, times change, Dix, and tag, you’re it.

But I need to write this story, and so I need her to get her angelic behind out of the shadowy corner of my mind.


I’ll keep watching to see how this battle of writer vs character is going to turn out.



Post by Kish Knight (Fellowship of the Last Fallen).

Kish is a dreamer first, human second. She recently released Simmering Deception, an anthology submission, and is about to release sequels on two of her projects. You can find her on her blog Knights Time. or on her Facebook page.

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