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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

From Dix:

'Clearly, they spared no expense making Anael comfortable,' I thought, my eyes drinking in the sight of the Elite's luxurious grounds. The Palace was a far sight away from the mediocre apartment that I shared with my roommate back on Earth, what with the leaky faucets and street noise outside.

I was still waiting for the other shoe to drop and the golden gate to slam closed in my face. But ahead of me, the tall Dominion kept walking, never turning even once to see if I was still following. I didn’t have to look to know that the two ArchAngels were still behind me; I could sense them.

When we finally crossed the threshold into the Palace doors, I exhaled a slow breath. We had entered into a large foyer, with gold walls and flooring. It was easily the grandest entry I'd ever seen, but it wasn't what caught my eye. That was reserved for the glass walled room beyond the entry hall. Through the glass divider, I could see a large of expanse of highly polished marble floor stretching before us, and every few feet knelt a person, waiting silently.

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Post by Kish Knight (Fellowship of the Last Fallen).

Kish is a dreamer first, human second. She recently released Simmering Deception, an anthology submission, and is about to release sequels on two of her projects. You can find her on her blog Knights Time or on her Facebook page.

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