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One Girl. Two impossible tasks. Thirty days to survive.

Jaguar shifter Mei Ching is underqualified for the job at hand, but with the mark of the Elite appearing on her arm, she knows she must protect her position in order to ensure the safety of her people. The wolves have reigned for long enough.

But Mei’s not only been chosen as the next Elite, she’s also been tasked with discovering the cure for the virus ravaging the shifters. With her friend Tao by her side, they must unravel the clues left by the High Spirit, but there’s just one other problem. Mei is pretty sure Tao is her one true mate.

Between defending her place as the next Elite, suppressing her primal urges, and searching all over China and Penumbra for the cure, Mei isn’t so sure she’ll be able to survive the next thirty days.

A Note from Mei Ching:

My name is Mei Ching.


I was never meant to rule, yet here I am with the mark of the next Elite on my arm sealing my fate.


They whisper about my jaguar heritage and the fact that I’m a woman, but they need me. The wolves have always had one of their own as the Elite over the shifters. Their strict rules kept everyone in line, but there are whispers of a rebellion if things do not change.


I’m a piece of that rebellion, a simple shard of glass meant to make the oppressors bleed for what they’ve done to us.


But with the weight of a whole race on my shoulders, I’m not sure what’s more important, the cure to the virus that’s killing my kind or for me to stay alive long enough so I can keep the wolves from taking my place. Because believe me, given the chance over the next thirty days, they will do everything in their power to take what has been given to me by the High Spirit.


I know I must do what I can to bring peace to the shifter community, but I fear no matter what I do, it’ll mean my death.

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