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The Houses are divided. A war is brewing between the clans. And our Elite has fallen.


My House - the House of the Blue Flame - has been the center of envy and fear by the other dragon clans for centuries. My grandfather and his father and so forth, protected our people as both the strongest breed of dragon and as Elites.


And now it's my turn.


My name is Adaya, granddaughter of former Elite, Horace "The Devourer" and next in line to stand in his place. As my grandfather once said, "A nation cannot stand if the houses fall..."


I'm here to protect and unite my people before each of our houses destroy each other. High Spirit has already marked me as the chosen Elite... But the question remains, will my people accept me? Or, will I face the same fate as others who came before me?

A Note from Adaya:

There is a source of power, of magic known as the Blue Flame. It is the origin of the House of the Blue Flame and the very reason why Blue Flame dragons have always been chosen as Elites. If that Flame burns out, the Houses will Fall. 

I never wanted the responsibility that High Spirit has bestowed on me. It was bad enough that the other clans resented me and my bloodline for simply being what we are: Blue Flames. 

This decision has been taken away from me. 

But as the saying goes, “Heavy is the head of who wears the crown,” or better yet bears the mark... 

And now that I bear the mark, I know that my grandfather’s enemies have become mine. I know there are other dragons who would rather see me dead than to Rise. 

But what they all fail to remember is that I come from the House of the Blue Flame dragon. And I am more than prepared to fight.

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