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Under the threat of everlasting fire, the Fallen and the Unfallen must unite…

Or die.

Long exiled from the heavens, Dix knows her place as ‘one of the Fallen’, so when two Archangels show up on Earth to take her back to Fifth Heaven, she’s stunned. And whether she wants the job or not, she’s been chosen as the next elite.

With rogues wreaking havoc, and the higher-ups releasing the slow-burning flames to destroy their shadowy world among the clouds, the Angels need her help. But as she takes her position as Elite, the Council she thought would guide her have abandoned their post in protest of her coronation.

To make matters worse, the old Elite’s sexy brother has come to her with a secret matter that could get them both cast into the flames. Can she juggle her responsibilities and keep her people safe along with her heart?

A Note from Dix

It’s NOT my fault that my parents were renegades, or that they were among the 250 Angels that fell from Fifth Heaven. I didn’t want this life. Especially since I believe in the old ways of the Irin, Dark Watchers long before the infamous fall.


My human name is Dix. I don’t …can’t… answer to the name Dalquiel anymore. That name was taken from me when we Fallen were banished to the mortal realm.


Our very existence brings shame to Fifth Heaven, and the Unfallen hate us for it. They should; it was our job to govern the others and we failed. We deserved our exile.


And yet….


I’ve been chosen as the next Angel Elite…. asked to return as Dalquiel, and govern our shadowy world of both Fallen and Unfallen. Neither side trusts me, but I don’t trust them….


Maybe it’s time I find out the truth behind the infamous fall….

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