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"A vampire prince. Two teenage girls. The ultimate fight for the throne."

Christian is the prince of the vampires and next in line to the throne now that their elite vampire king is dead. To claim his rightful place on the throne though, he must first find a bride. Sometimes the best laid plans can't go off without a hitch.

Lilith, an average teenager and recently turned vampire is thrown into a struggle not her own, and fighting to figure out her growing powers, she must choose sides between the vampire hunters or the very creatures that turned her. When the prince sets his sights on her best friend Mackinzie as his bride, he may become the hunted.

Sides will be chosen, powers will clash, but will Christian be ready to take the throne in time? Or will he become prey to the very beings he has hunted for millennia.

A Note from Christian

My name is Christian.


I am Christian, Prince of Ventura, a large island of Penumbra the true heir of the Elites and next in line to become the king. After witnessing the awakening, and being forced to watch my father King Alexander fall, I am to travel to the United States to find a bride so that I may take my rightful place upon the throne.

Never had I seen such beauty as the sun until I put on the ring of the Elite. Its warm rays thawed even the coldness of my skin; but wearing this ring brought more questions about my future than it did answers. How am I to rule over these people and win their hearts after my father ruled them for so long? Can I fill the void of a king with the murmurings of an uprising and the challenges of my position soon to come?

I first must attempt what has been impossible even by my father and every elite before him. I must retrieve the sword in the stone, that mystical sword Excalibur that can only be wielded by a true king and will prove my rightful place on the throne. But what if I cannot free it? There are so many worries that crowd my mind as the burden of the crown weighs heavy on my head, even before I am rightly crowned.

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